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The Preschool Partnership Program: Providing a 10% Discount to Employees at No Cost to You!

Childcare benefits are one of the most sought-after employee incentives today. In fact, 90% of employers say these benefits have a positive impact on both recruitment and retention. That’s why we launched the Preschool Partnership Program.


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Program Highlights

  • You pay nothing to participate in this program
  • Employees receive 10% off tuition at one of our acclaimed preschools
  • Available at over 130 of our schools, in 18 states
  • Currently serving over 70 corporate partners

We are an ideal partner for companies looking to expand their childcare benefits. Our nurturing preschools begin with infants and extend all the way through kindergarten. And while our schools operate under different names in different places, they all share a research-based early educational philosophy that leads to both academic and social-emotional success.

To learn more about the program and schools in your area, contact us today!


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